“The aim was to write an album that defined our sound; Between us we have a large variety of influences and the songs here reflect that. We love the metal music that first inspired us and the modern scene continues to inspire us to push ourselves, incorporating outside of the box ideas by drawing on our love of film and video game soundtracks to add new dynamics to the ʻEmbodimentʼ sound”

Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, ‘Palingenesis’ looks to serve an adrenaline shot of 11 blistering, high energy metal tracks with soaring, majestic melodies and gut punching grooves that will please any lover of Heavy music.

“It is impossible to deny the composition quality of all the tracks shown here. The work sounds thunderous and contemporary, distancing itself completely from those ensembles that try to revive past times in the middle of 2020”.

Broken Tomb Magazine – Read The Full Article Here

Embodiment have smashed through the floor of their band neighbours Mr and Mrs Peers and have taken them prisoners, this album will see them rising and conquering cities and countries in matter of months. Do not overlook this album.

Blessed Alter Magazine – Read The Full Article Here

‘Palingenesis’ has everything that you could wish for in an album and whilst Embodiment says in their promo material that they hope the rest of the country have braced themselves for this release, I feel that they have undersold themselves here. This is an album that the world should be prepared for. It is as good any anything else that I have heard and I hope that Embodiment gets the international recognition that their hard work deserves.

Rock “N” Load – Read The Full Article Here

Each song is absolutely fit to burst with guitar work, both rhythmic riffing and melodic leads. “Satisfaction In Extermination” in particular highlights the palette of styles and dynamics on display from the group, hitting hard with sewer like gutturals and machine gun blasts, yet also featuring an open, airy passage of bass and guitar duelling that wouldn’t be amiss on any great prog record

Musipedia Of Metal – Read The Full Article Here

“The production and mixing on here is fantastic, every element shines through perfectly. At the band’s core is a solid grasp on melody, atmosphere, and interesting song structures, but there are some more primitive moments on the record where those riffs bludgeon the listener.”

Noob Heavy – Read The Full Article Here

“The album itself was produced well; everything plays so perfectly with each part. The album boasts many amazing breakdowns and blast beats, face melting vocals, and perfect accompaniment from bass and drums. While not a long album at 35 minutes, it does not disappoint in any fashion. The technical melodies enrich the sound and add such depth to the epically played guitar.”

Metal Temple – Read the Full Article Here

“The rapid-fire vocals veer between tyrannical deathly roars (pun intended) and blackened screams; the drumwork is battering, neck-snapping, and rampantly galloping; the bass delivers doses of atonal, deathcore-like jacklhammering; and the fretwork gets flashy enough to spin your head around while also delivering flares of soaring melody, both sinister and majestic.”

No Clean Singing – Read Full Article

The first thing I noticed while listening through Palingensis is the quality songwriting. Embodiment knows how to write a rippin’ death metal tune. The album is loaded with complicated riffs and soaring leads. The fretboard gymnastics can lose intent if they are disengaging, but that wasn’t an issue here. The band proves they are more than capable of crafting riffs that are certified headbangers.

Super Metal World – Read The Full Article Here

“To play technical death metal at an acceptable level takes talent, of course, but to play it above that is the sign of a seriously good band. With PalingenesisEMBODIMENT have moved seamlessly from one class to the next.”

Distorted Sound – Read the Full Article Here


Reverence Through Disgust


Rise Of The Oppressor


Eternal Torment

Masquerades (The Delusion)

Satisfaction In Extermination




Harvesting The Seeds of Vengeance

This is their first release since their debut in 2015, frontman Harry Smithson says, “we decided to release Dragged Into Hell as a standalone single, to give everyone a taste of how we’ve progressed as a band since our 2015 self titled album. It’s got everything from the EMBODIMENT formula: blasting drums, death growls and catchy riffs that’ll be stuck in your head for days and leave you wanting more.  

We worked with Pete Heyes and Die Cut Media for the artwork and lyric video, as we have worked with them for merch and photos in the past. Production duties were handled by our guitarist Finn Maxwell and Guy Joyner from Sine-Post Audio.” 

Distorted Sound Magazine – Read Full Article

“Embodiment, on this their debut LP, have managed to pay homage to what makes each style exciting without sounding clichéd or limited in their approach.

Their approach to riffing is emphatically Techish in its modality. The majority of their riffs having a delightfully rigid structure, with a terse separation between phrases that really delineates the punch of each pattern. This being said, they also allow the battered and bloody tonal drift of death metal to give their guitar parts greater scope.

This is a vital component in what made this collection such an exciting find, because simply stated, there are a lot of riffs on this record. And the depth of influence; I detected undertones as varied as Pantera, Periphery, Vale of Pnath and even Merciful Fate; was vital in providing sufficient variety to instil a distinct character in each riff.

It is a real delight that the drums on this record sound palpably real and powerfully played. Having been fooled on multiple occasions by Superior Drummer (other magical drum programs are also available), I have grown immensely skeptical of praising the drumming on records. But this time I will be brave and say that I found the playing to be both inventive and visceral, linking tightly with every other component in the music, and driving the momentum of songs as well as providing a pleasingly jagged syncopation.

The songs on Embodiment are jaunty and full of joie d’Metal, well as much as they can be on such a glossy, dark and brooding record. Such a quality really helps drive the songs forward with a celebratory shimmy which is both enjoyable and to be greatly admired.”

The Circle Pit – Read Full Review


Captured Vanity


The Beast






The Beast ( 8 Bit Remix )